Demonstration of 15 kW Silicon-Carbide enabled OCC-MORBUGs

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The Issue

Saturday, CAM 9:15am
In recent years, loss of electricity has become more frequent in high fire threat districts not only due to increased catastrophic wildfires and but also due to Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). During a PSPS (or other outage), fossil-fuel backup generators are typically used to maintain operations, so a clean energy alternative is needed to provide essential power.

Project Innovation

Sat, Manager
One-Cycle Control will develop and demonstrate a clean energy silicon-carbide enabled mobile backup generator, combining wind and solar renewable generation with battery storage, to provide renewable back up power during grid outages.

Project Goals

Sup, nj: 10:52pm
Manager, nj: 10:54pm
Demonstrate the OCC-MORBUG carrier systems’ ability to provide backup power
dd, 11:45pm
Demonstrate the OCC-MORBUG carrier system in three different climate zones.
Demonstrate that the OCC-MORBUG carrier system can be rapidly deployed (two hours or less) and taken down.
Train workers from LI/DAC communities to operate and maintain the OCC-MORBUG carrier systems.
Reduce pollution, noise, and fossil fuel consumption resulting from the use of fossil fueled backup generators.

Project Benefits

Utilization of MORBUGs systems is expected to reduce cost compared to using a fossil-fuel generator that requires a continuous supply of costly fossil fuel and multiple fuel-burning trips to the hardware store (or gas station) buy the fuel (gasoline or propane) to keep the generator running. Fossil fuel generators are also notoriously unreliable and require substantial maintenance to keep them running for extended duration, whereas MORBUGs are nearly maintenance free by comparison. MORBUGs help maintain home / business operations to support the critical need to maintain basic quality of life and potential for economic growth.

Environmental & Public Health

Environmental Sustainability

Providing quiet and pollution free backup power when/where ratepayers need.

Economic Development

Economic Development

Increasing market adoption of clean-energy mobile back up power.

Energy Security

Energy Security

Reducing electricity consumption.

Increase Safety


Creating green job opportunities for LI/DAC areas.

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Gregory T. Smedley

One-Cycle Control, Inc.



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One-Cycle Control, Inc.


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