R3A08: Icarus Hybrid Photovoltaic/Thermal Solar Plus Storage Cogeneration System

Icarus RT, Inc.


San Diego, CA

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The Issue

V panels?convert less than 21% of incoming solar energy into electricity, dropping to 16% as they heat up during the day. T[

Project Innovation

Icarus will install a 280-kW Quartet hybrid PV/T solar plus storage cogeneration system and up to 20 EV charging stations at the Chula Vista Police Department Headquarters. The Icarus Quartet system extracts waste heat from PV panels to improve PV performance, collects and stores heat energy, and converts heat energy into hot water on-demand. The results of the proposed project will demonstrate several aspects of commercial readiness as well as produce real-world data on panel cooling, performance improvements, energy storage, and cost savings. The project will also provide insights on manufacturing, installation, and operation to assist Icarus in quickly expanding into its beachhead markets where new policy has created a need for alternatives to natural gas hot water heating and comprehensive solutions for meeting the state's decarbonization goals.

Project Benefits

This Agreement will lead to technological advancement and breakthroughs to overcome the limitations of PV and energy storage technologies that are barriers to achieving California's statutory renewable energy goals. Additionally, this agreement will provide for demonstrating the cost competitiveness of commercial hybrid solar PV/T systems plus storage systems against solar PV plus Li-Ion systems. Icarus' Quartet system will do this by generating additional power from a PV/T array through panel cooling and making use of the waste heat to generate hot water for the buildings it services.

Lower Costs


The Icarus technology is expected to result in an average panel efficiency increase of at least 12%. For the 280-kW system being demonstrated in this project, this amounts to an additional 50,000-kWh generated annually with a value of $15,000 from improved efficiency alone. Icarus' technology can also provide on-demand hot water, which will displace energy required for electric water heating.

Greater Reliability


Icarus' technology increases panel efficiency during the hottest part of the day, which typically aligns with peak electricity demand hours, leading to a higher share of renewable generation during those hours.

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